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Nautilus House, 35 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen, Scotland AB11 5BS
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+44 1224 581313


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Core 94 Limited

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  • Alasdair Smith
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Very Poor treatment for a 10 year Old
    I had my first visit to CORE 94 last Friday and I wont be back. I was left so disappointed.
    I had booked my Granddaughter her first Scuba experience for her 10th birthday and bought her first mask and snorkel.I was so looking forward to being able to have her join me and enjoy the wonders of the sea together.

    Suffice to say of Core 94 in Aberdeen, in my personal experience, they are the worst I have ever come accross in my long Diving experience. If any of my friends, and there are quite a few who own dive centres, treated a 10 year old with such disinterest and lack of care their bottoms wouldn’t touch the ground till they reached the airport.
    My wife and Grandaughter were left in tears and me heartbroken for my kid.

    The trail of events:

    No welcome ​to the little one​ though to be fair they did ask me to fill in a form for her
    Never asked 10 year old her name or made friendly contact.
    Never even asked age or if she could swim (which she could)
    No attempt to make her feel welcome or settled with what could be a dauntine first experience for one so young
    No introduction from or name given of the young D​ive ​M​aster​ or his quals or experience ... he even said he felt awful and when asked by a colleague when he’d come he just said he needed the money .. all with my grandaughter and my wife present
    Asked ​shoe ​size and never once said what kit was​ or what she would need
    No fitting of a BCD or boots or fins to make sure it was OK
    Switched on video ​no explanation of what it was about​
    ​S​aid watch that​ and left​ ... couldn’t hear the video
    No acknowledgement of finishing video or asked how it went or what we thought
    Sent downstairs to wait no contact with D​ive ​M​aster​
    Sent to local pool...
    ​N​o smiles or friendly encouraging chat
    ​Grandmother and Grandaughter left standing at the swimming pool ​
    Owner was just not interested
    To be fair I was angry but he just didn’t see what was wrong

    My called CORE 94 this morning to discuss and was told that my wife and I were telling lies and that our experience was fabricated.

    My Grandaughter has been offered to return F.O.C. but I cannot risk putting her through that experience again
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